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Welcome to Us!

Amani house is located along Kilifi Bofa beach. It is a cool place to be. Enjoy your stay with nice surroundings.

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About Us

We offer the best services that anyone could require. You order we serve. Its our duty to ensure you are confortable and well catered for.

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Our Services

    • Self contained rooms with sattelite tv.
    1. >Family Bedroom
    2. >Master Bedroom with comfy lounge...
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A Brief Overview

Comfort away from home
Amani house is quite the place to be.You have to visit to experience it.

Good environmentConducive environment for extra curicullar activities like pool,swimming e.t.c

We offer bed and breakfast services. Self cooking is arranged on order.

We host Parties!!
Parties Can be done on the rooftop or in the garden both with a good ocean view.


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    "A truly out of this world experience! wonderful." Adrian Mwangudza.

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    “I had a good time.I highly recommend Amani!.” Keneddy Dadangi.

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    “Nice Place to Relax and Unwind.Good Sevice” Renny Kimberly.

Amani House Cell: + 254 722 634 927

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